Borneo,  overall 80 cm, blade 63.5 cm, hilt 14 cm -1002E220-

The Parang Nabur is a Malay scimitar, the blade has an indigenous shape, whereas the hilt, with its guard, is of European influence. It is a very well balanced slashing weapon, its small size is adapted to Malay people.

Horn hilt, brass guard, laminated steel scimitar blade with one large groove in the middle. Wooden scabbard with brass mountings.

The Sulatanate of Benjarmasin was an important center of weapon production in the first half of the XIXth century. A. Hendriks in "Iets over de wapenfabricatie op Borneo" in 1842, describes the smith's techniques, blades were polished upon completion with stones, oil and a fragment of shark skin.

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