Borneo, Dayak, blade & shoulder 66 cm, hilt 11.5 cm -0493E140-

R. Shelford in "A Provisional Classification of the Swords of the Sarawak Tribes" makes the distinction between the Buko and the Latok. The Buko differs by its smaller size (blade 45cm to the distal point of the shoulder), smaller width (4cm) and its carved hilt. 

Our Parang has a 60 cm blade length, which according to Shelford would classify it as a Latok, but its largest width is only 4 cm, which would classify it as a Buko. This Parang would tend to demonstrate the blade length is not a criteria to differentiate the Latok and the Buko

Because of the carved relieves on the hilt, we will classify this Parang as a Buko.

Differences between the Latok and the Buko according to Shelford:

Hilt Transverse grooves Carved head
Blade length +/- 52cm +/- 45cm
Blade largest width +/- 5.5 cm +/- 4 cm

Description of our Parang:

Hilt: The head is elaborately carved in deep relief, the pattern represents the leaves of a wild mango. The grip is covered with a silver ring decorated with foliage designs worked in repoussť.

Blade: it has a narrow straight shoulder close to the hilt and then an upturned heavy edged section bending upwards. The back of the blade is thicker than the cutting edge. The blade widens as it nears the tip and curves towards the edge.

Sheath: not available




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