Moro, Sulu, Philippines

The Barong is a short broad leaf shaped  single edged blade from the Moro of the Sulu archipelago. While it can be found in other Moro islands, it is the national weapon of the Tausugs Moro of Sulu. 

The Moro Barongs are fitted with a cockatoo (kakatua) shaped hilt (puhan) in banati wood, and a long metal ferrule (punto) often in silver. They are very well balanced weapons intended for fighting. Some Barongs have more elaborate pommels, they are representative of the social status, the more elaborate, the higher the social status.

The wide blades are of excellent workmanship. They have a piled structure and show a pattern with bands of contrasting colors. Smiths had to join together multiple bands of steel. This structure is said to be more durable and provide more hardness at the edge of the blade.

The flat wooden sheath (tagub) is made of two pieces of wood bounded together with rattan.

Terms in parenthesis are Tausug.

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