Java, Surakarta, overall 42 cm, blade 19 cm, hilt 11 cm -040292E690-

The Wedung is a short Parang worn in the courts of Central Java. It has a long horn spur (sangkletan) to hook into a belt at the waist. 

With its cleaver shape, it symbolizes the submission of the owner and his readiness to cut the jungle to pave the way to his sultan. The court etiquette requires the noble to wear a Keris in the back and a Wedung on the front. Wedung with pamor are said to be restricted to princes. Wedung is the name of a sub-district of Demak, North of Java, it is possible this Parang originated from this region.

Five section hilt (3 flat, 2 convex) made of elephant fossilized molar. Pamor blade, gilted pesi (tang) and sinarasa (gold inlay) on blade wideng. Two piece wooden scabbard bounded with four metal gold rings. The scabbard also has a gold leaf shaped kudup turi and a belt retainer in horn (sangkletan).


Kudup Turi.

Java noble man wearing a Keris and a Wedung. Published by Black & Allen, 1817

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