Since the Moro Kris, is different from the Indonesian Keris in many ways, we have kept a different spelling as it is common practice among Keris collectors. The Moro Kris is a broad bladed sword for cutting and slashing whereas the Keris is a thrusting dagger. Its hilt is securely attached to the tang to avoid loosing the blade during a slashing attack. For the same reason, most of the blades are attached to the ganja with metal clamps (asang-asang). The Moro Kris is a large heavy sword with a blade of approximately 56 cm long. Thanks to its double edge, it is an excellent sword in group fighting. The Moro Kris sometimes has a laminated blade but is very rarely pattern welded.

Another much lighter weapon with a length around 45 cm, a thrusting dagger, the Punal de Kris, can also assimilated to the Kris family, although it does not have a ganja and the blade dissymmetry.

The Kris is also called Sundang in Malaysia.

The Kris parts have different name and spelling depending on the Moro tribes. We will be using the Maguindanoan names:

Ulu-Ulu for the hilt

Salungan for the sheath

Tungo for the blade


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