The Naga, Makara and Garuda are mythical animals often represented in the Malay world of edged weapons. 

     The Naga & Makara are aquatic mounts of the god Varuna. They live beneath the rivers, lakes and seas, in aquatic paradise. They control the source of rain and are the guardians of water, thus they link the cosmos to the earth. They are powerful symbols in regions of rice cultivation.

     The Garuda is the king of the birds and the mount of Vishnu. He is the enemy of the serpents and is associated with the all-consuming sun's rays, he symbolizes protection.


 Sumbawa Parang hilt

The Makara is a mythical animal, with attributes of the crocodile, the elephant, the antelope and the dolphin. Its representation may be a combination of some, or all of these animals, therefore it may have a trunk, antelope horns or various other aspects.


Java Pedang hilt

Sumatra Pedang hilt


Sumatra Pedang hilt


The Naga is a male or female snake. Nagas control fertility and are a symbol of wisdom. The Raja Naga (king Naga) is represented with a crown. They may represented with a human head and a snake body.

Dragon Head


The Garuda has the head, wings, tail and lower body of an eagle, and the upper body and arms of man. 

Sulawesi Keris hilt.

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