The Keris Java Keris A site founded by late Bambang Harsrinuksmo, the author of  the Keris Encyclopedia. 
Paul's Keris Page Another reference for a Keris collector
Blade An excellent new website in French with extensive information on the Keris and other ethnographic weapons.
Keris Galeri A website on the Keris nicely done.
Kris Daggers & Swords About the Keris from a martial art specialist
Cursed Swords, Keris Myth related to the Keris
Joglesemar Some basics on the Keris, from Indonesia
The Keris Includes a unique compilation of articles from different sources
Kerisindonesia A keris collection from Indonesia
Keris BW Another nice keris collection from Indonesia
Origin of the Keris  A paper which sets forth evidence to be found in the monuments of Central and East Java as the basis for a commentary upon the origin and development of a traditional Javanese weapon. by A.G. MAISEY
Keris Jawa  Hidayat's keris collection from Surabaya, Indonesia
The Keris out of the scabbard A web site with an artistic design by Jereon Peters
Keris Making LemuriaGlobal If you would like to learn how to make a keris blade, sheath and hilt.
Other Malay Weapons Weapons Training in Kuntao Macan Kuntao Macan employs a wide range of traditional Indonesian weapons, concentrating primarily on short and middle length blade and stick weapons.
Frederico's Moro Sword A site about Moro edged weapons
The Achenese Peudeueng A very good page on swords from Aceh
Studies The Key Role of Impurities in Ancient Damascus Steel Blades An excellent work on Damascus Steel
Ritual Weapons A website for study of ethnic and historical weapons.
The History of Indonesia An introduction to Indonesia's history
Sejarah Indonesia An online time-line of Indonesia
Sejarah Melayu A History of the Malay Peninsula
Moro Historical Research A supplemental archive of cultural and historical information about the Moros
Vanishing Borneo tribes An informative site about the Dayak tribes with a movie clip of a parang forging.
Le Betel An interesting site about the Betel tradition in French and English.
Dictionary SEAsite-Indonesia An interactive Indonesian-English dictionary.
Hobson-Jobson A glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases.
Encyclopedia Indonesian Heritage A good guide to Indonesian culture
Joglosemar Joglesemar is the acronym of Jogyakarta, Solo and Semarang, "The golden triangle".
Library Boekhandel De Verre Volken An excellent library, many books on edged weapons
Research Institutes KITLV Leiden Study of linguistics, anthropology and history of Southeast Asia with a very good Image Database
MBRAS The Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (henceforth called the Society) is a learned society devoted to the task of collecting, recording and diffusing information about Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei
Museums Leiden National Ethnology Museum The Mecca for Indonesian Ethnology, an great picture data base
Asian Civilisations Museum A Singapore Museum
Kedah Royal Museum On display are royal artifacts and photographs of the Kedah Sultan in Malaysia.
Jawa Palace A lot of information, but in Indonesian, on  Java kraton treasures.
Doing Business Lion Gate A very knowledgeable and reliable dealer of Antique Weapons based in the USA.
Malay Art Gallery's A Keris dealer based in Singapore.
Oriental-Arms Another good Antique Weapon dealer based in Israel & USA
Kris Cutlery Modern daggers based on Phillipines weapons
Erik's Edge A limited choice of quality Malay arms
Samurai Sword About Japanese related swords and items
Valiant Newly made S-E Asian blades.
My Tribal World Mandaukudi's webshop on tribal art
Forum Ethnographic Edged Weapons The best way to learn about ethnographic edged weapons

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