The Kudi is a traditional weapon or chopping tool with a hooked blade from Java and Madura, a sacred weapon carried by a magician (Pawang) that has talismanic virtues. The Kudi is an ancient weapon, the oldest being the smallest like the earlier Keris Sajen, due to scarcity of iron. It was considered as a symbol of sovereignty until the 19th century. The basic shape resembles a king fisher head like the Patani Keris hilt, however the are many variation: Kudi Peksi with a bird's head, Kudi Wayang with a wayang figure... The Kujang from Sunda (west Java) is used by farmers to fertilize soil and protect the crop, although it has the same sor-soran as a Kudi, the upper part of the blade is more like a wavy Keris.

To learn more about the Talismanic aspects of the Kudi, go to: http://www.indotalisman.com/Kujang.html

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Madura, overall  33.5 cm, blade  19 cm, hilt  13 cm

Wooden hilt and sheath. Very light pamor balde with 4 holes.


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