East Java, overall 39 cm, blade 27 cm, hilt 9.5 cm -1104E185-

Ukiran Nunggak Semi Yogya
Mendak Iron similar to the Tombak Metuk
Warangka Sandang Walikat
Dapur Jalak
Prabot square pesi, gandik, deep pejetan, wideng, 2 long sogokan
Keris Buda are considered as the earliest type of Keris. Their shape derives from early offering daggers (see more on the keris History page). The Keris Buda c
haracteristics are:
    - a straight, thick, short and wide blade, with a brownish/yellowish color
    - a square shape pesi
    - a metuk (iron ring) bounded to the pesi 

    Earlier Keris Buda did not have pamor, this one was probably made after the 14th century.

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