Charles Buttin  1856-1931  

   Charles Buttin was one of the most well known world expert of arms and armors at the turn of the 20th century. Charles published more than 100 studies and was often cited as a reference in other author works. 

   The catalogue of Charles collection was first published in 1933, by his son François, based on his father's notes. The catalog describes in detail all Charles collection. It is divided in three parts: 126 pages on European arms, 157 pages on Oriental arms and includes, 32 plates showing the collection by region of the world.

   The "Catalogue de la Collection d'Armes Anciennes, Européennes et Orientales" although written in French remains a reference in terms of ancient weapon studies. The original edition being out of print, Charles Buttin, grand son of Charles the collector, decided to republish the book in 1996, adding to the catalog an extensive list of Charles and François publications. Even for those who do not read French, the pictures of 1112 arms and armors is a unique tool to identify weapons from around the world.

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Book Index


I- Armes Européennes

1.   Casques
2.   Boucliers
3.   Armures et parties d'armures
4.   Dagues et poignards
5.   Cinquedeas
6.   Couteaux de chasse
7.   Baïonnettes se fixant dans le canon
8.   Baïonnettes à douille
9.   Pièces diverses de coutellerie, trousses et gaines
10. Epéées et sabres
11. Lames sans montures
12. Cannes à épées
13. Sabre-outils de paysans
14. Gardes et pommeaux
15. Armes d'hast courtes
16. Armes d'hast à longue hampe
17. Arbalètes
18. Armes à feu s'épaulant
19. Pistolets et revolvers
20. Platines
21. Accessoires d'armes à feu
22. Divers, anneaux disques, pièces de fouille, etc.


II- Armes Orientales

23. Pologne
24. Russie
25. Albanie
26. Turquie et balkans
27. Caucase
28. Perse
29. Turkestan, Afghanistan et Boukhara
30. Inde
31. Ceylan
32. Malaisie
33. Extrème-Orient: Birmanie, Laos, Chine
34. Japon
35. Arabie
36. Maroc
37. Afrique
38. Divers


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